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End Notes - Lust Over Pendle by A.J. Hall

In this edition of Lust Over Pendle, the chapter notes have been removed from the end of each chapter and placed here.

Chapter 1

A “thou” as referred to by Mrs Longbottom is a thousandth of an inch, the usual Imperial measurement for engineering tolerances.

Chapter 5

The Freemasons Arms is a real pub in a real village (pronounced “Wizzell” by the locals, actually, though it doesn’t really matter if the readers think of it as Wiz Well). Its staff, however, are figments of my overheated imagination. All the beers are genuine, although I don’t think Dark Assassin (which used to have an ABV of at least 7.9% and was only dispensed in half pints by landlords unless they were sure that the purchaser was man enough to handle it) has in fact been brewed for some time. Milk of Amnesia is brewed at the Old Wheelton Brewery in Chorley (about 20 miles from the Pendle area) and Ambush Ale is brewed in Tarporley, Cheshire (so about 60 miles away).

The song quoted by Neville is part of Guns of Brixton by The Clash.

Chapter 7

Whether Caitlin’s description of her revolutionary past is entirely to be taken at face value may be doubtful, but the following pieces of information may help: the CRS is the Paris riot squad, noted for their brutally effective tactics against student protestors in Paris in 1968; Blair Peach, a schoolteacher, was killed by a blow to the head on April 23rd 1979, while demonstrating against the National Front, allegedly by members of the Special Patrol Group of the Metropolitan Police although no charges were ever brought in connection with his murder; the Greenham Common Peace Camp commenced on 5 September 1981.

Thanks to Pamela for her careful explanation of the various sorts of morrisment, and in particular for assuring me that Caitlin would undoubtedly be a Borders Morris woman rather than Cotswold, and for her description of the food available at the Sidmouth Folk Festival.

Thanks to Caius Marcus for his filk based on Cabaret that inspired part of the flashback scene.

I have not, unfortunately, been able to find a reference for the Jennet Device ballad. It was used in the Lancaster Duke’s Playhouse Studio Production of The Wonderful Discoverie of Witches in the County of Lancaster in the 1971/2 season.

Anyone interested in the Lancashire Witches is commended to this web-site.

Once again, the beers are real; Nemesis is brewed by the Hart Brewery in Little Eccleston, Lancs, and Draig Aur is brewed by the micro-brewery at Bragdy Ceredigion, Llangranog, Llandysul, Ceredigion.

Chapter 9

VPL = visible panty lines.

Camilleri quotation: Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

Final quotations: “I have measured out my life in coffee spoons” TS Eliot: Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock

“How Long …..ruined and wrecked myself” Constantine Cavafy, translated by Kimon Friar: The City

A useful guide to the Easegill cavern system.