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Notes - Rumpole & The Constricted Pupil by A.J. Hall

A note on time:
The setting of this story is in the late 1970s/very early 1980s, during the first series of Rumpole of the Bailey, approximately two and a half years after the events of Run Away Home (Marlows) and, of course, in an impossibly far distant and improbable future as regards The Charioteer.

The three fandoms which are crossed-over below each have their own idiosyncratic timetimes. At one point Laurie Odell, Ralph Lanyon, Alec Deacon, Robert Anquetil, Cousin Jon and even Horace Rumpole himself were all near contemporaries, with birth dates between 1910-1920 approximately. However, due to continental drift and dramatic licence, the Marlow characters have been moved forward in time, while maintaining the same ages relative to each other (for example, Nicola, who is 16 in this work, is some 15-20 years younger than Robert Anquetil and the complications this causes for the Falconer’s Lure plotline explain why in this version Cousin Jon is being played by a wristwatch). Rumpole, of course, has been about 68 for the last three decades, and continues to be so; this is relatively early in that period. Charioteer characters have their natural ages.

The Ship Leopard was situated on Havant Street. This pub has now been demolished. It was a Friary Mews brewery owned pub and was very much a dockworker and sailors chosen haunt, going back many years to the early days of the dockyard. Two beers served on tap, bitter and mild, the food was cheese and pickled onion rolls. Outside toilet, all very basic - but great atmosphere, considered just a little bit “rough”, but rarely any trouble. The landlord saw to that; threw out a whole rugby team one night for being rowdy. And him only 5’8”.! The publican in 1963/64 was Brian Keeble.
Phil Keeble - The Lost Pubs Project

The name lives on in a boutique hotel nearby. I doubt Nicola Marlow would have approved.

All the characters quote and allude all the time, mainly from Shakespeare and the Bible. The final quartrain is from James Elroy Flecker The Golden Journey to Samarkand