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Notes - The Langya Wine List by A.J. Hall

MCS does indeed carry out his promise with respect to the Mayor of Yuezhou (ep 29 - corrupt payments by the Mayor to Prince Yu are intercepted by the Jiangzuo Alliance setting off a train of events including a full-blown investigation by the relevant Ministry.)

This is, as the astute student of DLS and her works will recognise, based on a Lord Peter Wimsey story, The Image in the Mirror which is very much a case of LPW slumming it in Monty Egg’s milieu. It seemed to me that this is a case where DLS may have wanted to write a Monty Egg story but come up against the problem that given his day job Monty simply can’t take the time out to go looking up records in Somerset House or dashing off to Evesham to browbeat suspects’ censorious aunts about ancient family history. So in this case Peng Mingjun, Monty Egg’s Da Liang alter ego, gets to do all the heavy lifting and Langya Hall swoops in at the end to take the credit. Which is probably SOP for Langya Hall, come to think of it.